Great Teacher-Child Ratio

We know the impact that a teacher can have on a young child's life. We maintain a low teacher to child ratio to create an environment where these interactions can happen.

Authentic Montessori Program

At Memorial Montessori School, we have crafted a program and trained a team of teachers that are committed to remaining true to the Montessori model of education.

Invested in Your Children

We provide every child with high-quality instruction, because we believe that development during early childhood sets the crucial foundation for a lifelong learning process.

Non-Corporate, Locally Owned

Our administrative team is always available, because we believe you ought to have access to the educators who are responsible for teaching your child.

Why Montessori School?

The greatest sign of success for a teacher is to be able to say, ‘The children are now working as if I did not exist.’
– Maria Montessori.

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Famous Montessori Alumni

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Jeff Bezos

Founder & CEO of Amazon

Jeff Bezos’s mother said “Young Jeff would get so engrossed in his activities as a Montessori preschooler that his teachers would literally have to pick him up out of his chair to go to the next task.”

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Larry Page

Founder of Google

“I think it was part of that training of not following rules and orders, and being self motivated, questioning what’s going on in the world and doing things a little bit differently.”

Thomas Edison

Inventor of the Light Bulb

“I like the Montessori method. It teaches through play. It makes learning a pleasure. It follows the natural instincts of the human being. The present system casts the brain into a mold. It does not encourage original thought or reasoning.”

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