3 Annoying Toddler Habits – Part 2

3 Annoying Toddler Habits – Part 2

May 11, 2015

If you enjoyed part 1 of this article, here are a few more habits of toddlers that may seem annoying, but are actually great for their development. You will see your toddler in a new light after this!

ATH #4: Tantrums

The bad news is that even after you know that throwing tantrums is a part of a toddler’s development, you may still cringe when your toddler throws a fit in the supermarket aisle the next time.

Tantrums are actually very important for your toddler. Temper tantrums are the cause of emotions that have built up. An avenue is needed to get rid of these emotions and because children are not as emotionally developed as adults are, they don’t know what to do when they are faced with these storms. The same way as it does not help an adult to bottle up anger, fear and frustration, it is the same for children and releasing these emotions (in a not so pretty way) helps children to start afresh. It is not a personal attack on a parent.

ATH #5: Being Clingy

Your toddler may seem like the most confident one in a playgroup on one day and on another, he may look like he is stuck to you. He may not want to leave your side on certain days while on some he may go into his preschool without turning back for a wave. You may find this particularly frustrating as you don’t know why your toddler is behaving in this manner. Worry not, it is normal. Your toddler may just be nervous about something and needs that added comfort from you.

ATH #6: Reading the Same Stories

You may have bought hundreds of children’s books, yet your toddler may insist on reading the same one every single day. You may be terribly bored of the book by now and cook up devious ways to hide the book or misplace it. Your toddler loves the same book simply because he knows what is going to happen next and that is a big achievement for them. Repetition is also important for speech development and communication – so the next time you are going to hate the book, remember that.

Happy Parenting!

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