3 essential gifts to give your child

3 essential gifts to give your child

Apr 17, 2013

Parenting evolves with every generation, with new technological developments, and with the changing patterns of human behavior. There are however, some things every individual should have in them. Montessori believes that regardless of your financial, time or any other constraints, here are three gifts you should give your children now.

The Gift of Empathy

We all like to have close relationships with people and want the same for our children. The focal point to achieve this is empathy. Keeping that in mind, you should not address your frustrated and crying child with a ‘You are fine!”. Instead, go back in time and think of the last time you were having a bad day. How would you have felt if your friend told you to ‘Buck up!” Just as adults crave emotional support and understanding, so do children. When we have a sad child at our pre-school, we tell him that we understand his feelings and offer consoling words to make him feel better. Empathy can only be taught through practice.

The Gift of Unconditional Love

There is no stressing how important this gift is. Our day care teachers say ‘I love you’ to their students every day. Many parents at have started saying ‘I love you’ to their children every day- this is not just an emotion; they are words that create a warm and loving family culture. These three simple words plant an important message in children. Children that grow up with unconditional love grow up to be more confident, caring and loving individuals.

The Gift of Listening

As parents and caregivers, we feel that our major role is solving problems children face. Yet, one thing we have learnt from the children at our daycare is that listening trumps solving anytime! Seeing your kids for who they are and listening to them is far more important than churning out solutions for them.

Listen to your child, love your child and empathize with your child – you cannot go wrong with parenting!

Happy Parenting!

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