3 Little Behavior Problems You Shouldn’t Ignore

3 Little Behavior Problems You Shouldn’t Ignore

Jul 11, 2013

Parents sometimes tend to ignore little behavioral problems their preschool children make simply because they don’t see it as a threat. What we should understand is that these are the little issues that will become very big if we ignore them now.


Children are always excited to share information or ask you something; but they should not be allowed to butt into your conversation. This will never teach him to be considerate of others or to occupy himself till it’s his turn to talk. You can only teach this to your preschool child by telling him over and over again not to interrupt you when you go out to visit friends. Teach him to say ‘excuse me’ and wait for your conversation to finish before he can talk to you.

Pretending Not to Hear You

Repeating something to your child only sends out a message to him that it is alright to disregards what you are saying and that you are not running the show. If you have to tell your child two, three or four times to clean up or to get into the car, you are training him to wait for the next reminder and disregard this one. To make it better, don’t talk to your child across the house or room, go up to him, and tell him what needs to be done. Get his attention by turning off the TV or by touching his shoulder and maintaining eye contact. Talk to your child about the consequences of having to repeat things – loss of TV time or play time outside always works!


If you think a child who rolls his eyes when you say something or talks to you in a snippy tone is cute, think again. Sassy behavior like this is often mimicked from TV or other kids and it is something you should not ignore when your child is of daycare age. Make your child aware of this behavior and tell him why it is not right. Make it known that it is not acceptable and it will go away.

Happy Parenting!

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