3 Montessori home parenting tips

3 Montessori home parenting tips

Mar 01, 2013

When your child is attending a Montessori preschool, the best thing for you to do is to create a similar environment at home too. It’s really not very difficult. In most situations, it is simply about putting yourself in your child’s shoes just for a few minutes a day.

1. Respect

Why are Montessori schools different from other pre schools? At Preschool Sugarland, our teachers constantly put themselves in the children’s shoes when they want to figure out why a child is behaving the way he is. Why is he crying? He may have just woken up on the wrong side of the bed, something adults experience all the time. All the child may need is extra hugs and kisses that day, not more scolding. Your child may be feeling cooped up if he has spent too much time indoors and may not know how to show it and may get edgy instead. To respect that your child has needs is a great start. Being courteous and gracious at all times is one way your child will learn it too.

2. Freedom of Movement

Confining a child to a play pen or a room all day is not the best thing for them. Imagine being in the kitchen, office or in the house for too long and see what it does to your mental state. Children are born explorers, and they love to explore and learn about new places and things. Preschool education is all about allowing the child to explore new environments and learning through their experiences.

3. Freedom of Choice

Power struggle and freedom of choice sometimes go hand in hand. How often have you had a huge row with your toddler because he can’t decide which color to wear? Instead of asking your child to pick a top from her cupboard, give her

only two choices that will involve her. She can pick the pink top or the yellow one to wear with the blue shorts. She can choose to have lunch now or later with the others. She can sleep now or ten minutes later. Giving a controlled choice is always a win-win situation for both parties.

Try these helpful tips out and see the difference in your home. We will bring you many more soon! 

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