3 Secrets of Preschool Teachers

3 Secrets of Preschool Teachers

Jul 09, 2014

Teachers know quite a bit about helping kids behave. Ever wondered how you struggle and wrestle with your 3-year-old every morning to get his jacket on, but his teacher manages to get ten kids ready for the playground in less than three minutes? Although kids have a habit of behaving well with outsiders, there are some tricks teachers have up their sleeves to help kids learn and listen. Take a look at some of the tips below and use them at home.

Secret #1 – Why does your child trouble you through routine every morning but does exactly what his teacher wants? A teacher of more than 20 years says that when teachers say something, children know that they mean it. As parents, how many times do we tell the kids at the playground that it is time to go home, but we stop and chat with another parent? If we don’t follow through, we cannot really expect our children to. Next time you are with your child, give them a firm warning five minutes before it is time to go, so when it is time to go, you are both ready. If your child does not get how serious you are, scoop them up and move on. This will instil in them that you are serious about leaving when you announce it. This should apply to bedtime, getting ready on time and other instances where timing is an issue.

Secret #2 – Routine for easy naps. Ever notice how your child naps easily at their preschool but puts you through hell when you try to get them to nap when they are at home? It is all about structure and routine, say teachers who have done it easily for years. The advantage that preschools have over the home is that all the kids are doing the same thing. It is easier to go along with the rest, rather than resisting it. At home, give your child a few minutes to unwind before nap time. This downtime should be spent in activities that do not make a child too active. Try reading or talking. Create a routine – same time, music, same bed and the same expectation of being quiet and trying to rest.

Secret #3 – Play is the best education. Teachers say that the best thing they like to hear when a child goes home is that they had fun or that they played all day. The best way for a child to learn is through play. When you are trying to teach some academics at home, be sure to include a big portion of play into it if you want your child to retain the information without effort. Rote learning is no fun. Although some subjects like history require memorizing at an older age, this too can be turned into a fun game. If you are introducing numbers or letters, try cutting up pictures from magazines that represent the letter or number and make a fun scrap book.
Happy Parenting!

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