3 Things Daycare Providers Wish You Knew

3 Things Daycare Providers Wish You Knew

Mar 23, 2018

Through our many years of taking care of children, we have learned a lot about how to set your child up for success. Oftentimes, this starts with behavior or actions at home. In order to create the most balanced education for your child, we need your help as well! Here are some of the most common things that we would love parents to know:


It is very easy for germs to spread even with a stringent cleaning strategy. Usually, if one child is sick, they can spread a cold or flu to their classmates pretty quickly. The best advice we can give is if your child is sick, keep him/her at home and if you’re homesick, consider keeping your child home. Even if your child isn’t sick yet, if you are not feeling well enough to go to work, chances are you already gave your child whatever cold or stomach flu that you have.

Potty Training

For some reason, many parents seem embarrassed if their child is not potty trained, but there is no reason for this! Children develop these skills at different speeds. However, it is very important that you don’t lie about potty-training since we need to know how to best help your child. Also, if they are not potty trained, be sure to bring diapers for your child since this is an expense that can add up quickly.

No Junk Food in the Morning

As much as they love that sugary sweet cereal, save it for the weekend. Start your child’s day off with a healthy breakfast to set them up for success and to allow them to focus properly on what they are learning. A sugary breakfast can cause a fidgety child that can also distract those around them.

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