3 Things to Prepare for When Transitioning to the Toddler Classroom

3 Things to Prepare for When Transitioning to the Toddler Classroom

May 01, 2019

When your child finally graduates from their infant classroom to the toddler, it can be exciting and overwhelming for parents but can bring along challenges and mixed emotions as well. But the teachers help the parents in carefully planning the move considering the physical development and what is safe for the child. Then, comes the transition phase which can be quite challenging. Here’s a look at the biggest changes that can take you for the surprise:

The Nerves

Parents can feel quite nervous about moving classes but the transition visits can be helpful for both child and parents. The visits allow the child to be in their new classroom for an hour or two before they are there for full-time. Parents are worried about how their child will feel in a new class. It is obvious for them to feel a little sad and as parents, you would want to do anything to make them happy. However, these emotions are absolutely normal and teachers see a lot of parents going through these emotions so you are not the only one. The teachers give thorough updates and suggestions for the transition day also. Though dropping your child for the first time to the infant classroom can be tough, the feeling may continue even when your child grows older.

Lunch and Outdoor Play Prep

The change that parents can expect is the change in preparations for school. While earlier the parents packed extra diapers, clothes, bottles, and snacks, the needs are different now. For outdoor play, you need to shop and pack snow pants and boots. And for lunchtime, you would need lunchbox and ice packs. The new shift can also be overwhelming.

Goodbye daytime crib!

In the toddler classroom, the naptime would be on the mat so your child will not be in the crib for the first time. Parents are concerned about if this will go well with the child but most parents get to know that children enjoy on mats and nap time goes really well, so does the entire day.

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