3 Tips for Surviving the Toddler Years

3 Tips for Surviving the Toddler Years

Jun 15, 2018

It seems like just yesterday you were counting her fingers and toes and wiping her mouth after every bite that you so lovingly spooned into her mouth. It was like just minutes ago that you were googling any remedy you could find for his colic, but in reality, you have a certifiable person on your hands. A very small person who is suddenly very fast and much better at getting into trouble.

If you aren’t careful, the toddler years can become unbearably hectic and stressful. Thankfully, it doesn’t have to be that way. Take a bath, and use the good soap. Once you’re done, hopefully, you are at least a little calmer and can take the time to read these tips that will help you survive the toddler years.

Get a clip for the toilet lid.

Feel free to ignore this tip if you don’t mind risking losing everything you have ever loved that fits inside of a toilet. You turn your back for two seconds, and your little toddler decided this is the perfect time to flush the entire contents of your jewelry box down the toilet. Just get the clip.

If they eat cat food, they will be OK

Trust me, they can eat a lot of things they shouldn’t, and they will be fine. This includes play-doh. You need to understand that no matter how hard you try to stop them from eating the play-doh, you will be unsuccessful. Thankfully, these little humans are incredibly resilient. Keep toxic cleaners away from your kids, but if they ingest something silly like cat food, play-doh, or crayons, don’t have a fit.

“If they’re crabby, put them in water.” – SARK

Trust me, it works. Kids love water, and they will forget whatever they were screaming about minutes earlier.

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