3 Ways to Manage Work and Home

3 Ways to Manage Work and Home

Jul 07, 2013

For the parents of today, managing the stress of work and home and kids can get to be a task at times. Every aspect of our life is becoming demanding and we don’t like settling for anything that is less than the best. So how can you make sure you are giving your best to your family, to your work and to yourself?

Talk to your Employer

Do some homework and find out what kind of flexible arrangements your company offers for staff members with young children. Do they offer flexible hours or project based work? Talk to your HR manager and be honest and open with your needs and see how you both can come up with a system that works for both of you where your productivity is maximized and you also get to take time off when required.

Stay Connected

You may not be with your children all day, but you can still stay connected. If you have babies at home, think of having a video camera fixed in the baby’s room where you can both see each other during the day. You can also consider recording your voice telling a story or singing a song and leave it with your babysitter for your child to hear. You can stay connected in many other ways too. If your child is going to stay in school for extra time, give him a little lucky charm he can hold on to remind him of you.

Say No to Time Wasters

As much as you may not want to, discipline yourself when you are checking emails or making phone calls or with your time when your kids are asleep. Use your spare time with your partner so you both have some quality time together too. When you are with your kids, avoid multitasking so you have one on one time with your preschool kids.
Hopefully, with all these tips, you will have a better balance between work and home.

Happy Parenting!

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