4 Ways to Improve Your Child's Attention Span

4 Ways to Improve Your Child's Attention Span

Apr 01, 2019

According to several studies, at the age of 18 months, a toddler spends only about 30 seconds on any activity or a couple of minutes on multiple activities. It pretty much sums up that children have a really short attention span and it is absolutely normal with the kids. Maybe there is so much to explore for them that they quickly move on to the next thing.

Here’s a Look at 4 Amazing Ways of Increasing Attention Span of Your Child:

1: Pay attention to what your child is finding to be interesting.

Several studies show that children are influenced by the parent’s behavior. If parents show interest in a toy played by the toddler, the playtime can last longer meaning the attention span can last longer says daycare in Montessori. Social interaction between parents and infants can help in sustaining attention and concentration. The parents must:

Actively engage with children and play with them instead of just being there in the room when they play.

Respond to what children need and where their attention is directed.

2: Creativity Can Go a Long Way

It can be difficult for you to make your child study when all they want is to play. Thus, parents can try to make things interesting and fascinating for the kids. For example, instead of making the child write alphabet A with a pencil, you can make use of colorful chalk or shape it with play dough. You can also trace it with paint on a book.

3: Use the Wiggles to Your Advantage

If your child faces difficulty in paying attention for a longer duration, you should encourage them to take breaks for 10 – 15 minutes and engage in jogging, stretching, or doing jumping jacks. This will help your child relax and start with a fresh mind.

4: Monitor Screen Time

If your child spends a lot of time watching television or using a computer, they may be overloaded with information and therefore, hyper-stimulated. Reducing the screen time and helping them relax with relaxation techniques can help.

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