5 DIY Valentine’s Day Crafts for Kids

5 DIY Valentine’s Day Crafts for Kids

Feb 02, 2018

When it comes to holidays and kids, there is nothing more fun than creating gifts yourself. Not only can it help teach your child to be creative, it is also a great bonding experience! At Memorial Montessori in Sugar Land, we believe creativity is an important part of learning and think it is awesome when our students can create things on their own. Looking for some cool Valentines ideas for your child to bring to their Sugar Land Montessori daycare this Valentine’s Day? Check out these wonderful creations!

Monster Valentines Pencils

Looking to make something both functional and adorable? Then these Monster Valentines Pencils might just be the perfect gift! All you and your child need are some pencils, pom-poms, some googly eyes, and hot glue. For a more personalized touch, they have also included a printable card, or you could grab some construction paper, practice writing and create your own!

Want to learn how to make these adorable Monster Valentines Pencils?

“Out of This World” Valentines Cards

At our daycare in Sugar Land, we’ve noticed that some of our children aren’t very into the “cute” stuff, so here are some “out of this world” valentines cards! For this valentines crafting project, all you’ll need are some bouncy balls, cardstock, scrap paper, a crafting knife, scissors and some gel pens or metallic markers. Some of the suggested phrases are “You’re out of this world, Valentine!” and “I’ve searched the galaxy for a friend like you.” How adorable!

Does your child love space? Learn how to make these “Out of This World” Valentines!

Glow Stick Valentines

Looking for quick and easy Valentines ideas to bring your child’s Sugar Land daycare? These glow stick valentines are a perfect option. All you’ll need are some glow sticks and either handmade cards or ones easily printed off the computer. Not only are these super simple, but glow sticks are lots of fun for kids!

Want to light up their world? Try out these Glow Stick Valentines (with included printable card)!

Valentines Bookmarks

Got some bookworms in your child’s Sugar Land Montessori school class? These Valentines Bookmarks are an awesome option that kids can use all year long! All you need for this fun craft is some cardstock and ribbon of your choice! You can either use an easy printable or design and handmake them yourself, either way, kids are sure to love them!

Got a bookworm? Try out these awesome Valentines Bookmarks.

Valentine’s Day is usually a very exciting day for children at school. They get to hand out gifts, receive gifts and let their friends know how much they care! We hope you enjoy these DIY Valentines Crafts for kids, brought to you by Memorial Montessori in Sugar Land.

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