5 Handprint Holiday Crafts for Kids

5 Handprint Holiday Crafts for Kids

Nov 15, 2017

The holidays are a fantastic time of year to try out new craft ideas for kids. Something even better than just a simple craft project is a craft that can also become a memento to keep for years to come, and holiday handprint crafts are perfect for that. It captures a specific moment in time when their hands were so tiny and cute!

Here are some fantastic handprint holiday crafts for kids:

  • Ornament – Take a picture of your son or daughter and glue the photo on a piece of hard foam board. Trace your child’s hand over the picture and cut it out. Now you should have a thick cutout of a picture of your child in the shape that their hand was when the picture was taken! Use glitter and pipe cleaners to decorate and hang on the tree. This is one of the most popular holiday season ideas because having one from every year tells quite the story once they are grown up.
  • Reindeer – Two handprints side by side, with one facing up and one facing down, can become an adorable reindeer by turning the fingers on one hand into antlers and the fingers on the other hand into the legs.
  • Angel – A hand dipped in white paint and placed sideways on a piece of darker construction paper can be turned into an angel by adding the head to the palm.
  • Wreath – Trace and cut out a handprint on green construction paper and then arrange them in a circle to create a wreath. Two hands cut from red construction paper make an adorable bow. This is one of the best art projects for kids to create during Thanksgiving so it can be used for the whole holiday season.
  • Two Turtle Doves – Recreate the birds from the song by dipping both hands in white paint and placing them side by side on construction paper to create bird wings.

It can also be fun to not limit the little ones with specific art and craft ideas. Sometimes just providing the paper, crayons, and decorations are enough to let their imaginations run wild!

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