5 Ideas for a Summer Bucket List with a Toddler

5 Ideas for a Summer Bucket List with a Toddler

Mar 26, 2019

Summer is hands down the best season one can imagine of. Days get longer, the climate gets sunnier and everything gets fresher. Although it has so many upsides, we tend to miss out and are not able to fully enjoy the season. Memorial Montessori has the perfect ideas that will make this summer, the best summer you had with your toddler.

We have curated 5 ideas that will add to your summer bucket list.

Trip to the beach- It couldn’t hurt to get a nice tan and introduce your toddler to the wilderness of nature. Kids love playing around sandcastles and eating ice-creams near the beach on a sunny day.

Set up Sensory tables- Sensory tables help your toddler engage with their 5 senses. It helps you get the most out of a classic sunny afternoon while making your toddler learn.

Walk with dogs- Pets are an important part of how a human grows out to be. They are smart, protective, and fun to play with. Take your toddler for a walk with your dog and get some fresh air for yourself as well.

The zoo and other day trips- Day trips and picnics will give your toddler a chance to spend time with everyone in your family. Go to zoos, museums or famous parks around your city. The possibilities are endless. Littlest things like getting an ice-cream or eating out in a restaurant will make your kid happy.

Community events- Find out local communities around you and attend the events that best match your or your toddler’s interest. This will be like a parenting win-win for both of you. If you go to your toddler’s event, you’ll find different parents that you’ll be able to interact with and if you go for your event, it’s always a win.

Make sure you follow the Memorial Montessori ideas of the summer bucket list to have fun and spend quality time with your toddler. These are a few of the amazing things that you can do with your toddler this summer. As we said earlier, the possibilities are endless. Don’t stick yourself to a plan, take unplanned trips and you’ll discover a different side of the people around you.

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