5 Rules for Reading Aloud to Preschoolers

5 Rules for Reading Aloud to Preschoolers

Nov 25, 2013

Reading bedtime stories is one important routine in your child’s life. It is important to do it the right way if you want your child to benefit with a range of vocabulary. Here are some reading-aloud tips for parents of preschoolers to ensure your child is ready for kindergarten at the right time.

1. Make it a daily habit

It is good to start reading to your child early on in their lives and make it a daily routine. It does not need to be long; five to ten minutes a day is good for a start. Keep your child’s favorite book near him.

2. Involve them

Involve your preschool child when you read aloud. Talk to your child about what you are reading. Explain, point out, explore and make connections as you go. Use both the pictures and the text in books to discover the story.

3. Finger-point Reading

When you read aloud, use your finger and slide it under the word that you are reading. This helps your child’s brain and eyes to coordinate your voice to the print. It’s important to do this.

4. Chop and sound out

Teach your child the first sounds of every word, and not the name of the letter. Once your child begins to recognize the letters, cut up words into smaller parts and let them try reading aloud too. For long words, this is a great way to read. A word like octopus will be cut into oc-to-pus.

5. Writing

Reading always goes hand in hand with writing. Start pencil and paper activities early in life suing baby safe crayons and markers. Teach them the lower case first. Teach your child to trace over letters and write them. You could do this anywhere….in the sand pit, frosted windows or on paper.

Happy Parenting!

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