5 Tips for Raising Mentally Strong Kids

5 Tips for Raising Mentally Strong Kids

Aug 29, 2018

Children that are raised mentally strong are prepared for the real-life challenges of the world as they begin to grow into their own individual. Problems proved to be easy to tackle, bounce back from failure, and coping skills when faced with hardships are just a few reasons to think about raising your toddlers with mental strength in mind. It is important to remember that mentally strong kids grow up to be resilient, having the courage and confidence to reach their goals, and create ambitions for themselves. How do you raise mentally strong kids? Let’s take a look.

Teach Specific Skills

When disciplining your child, use consequences that teach specific skills such as impulse control, problem-solving skills, and self-discipline. By integrating this type of discipline into your child’s everyday life, you will help them learn how to behave productively, even when faced with certain obstacles.

Let Your Child Make Mistakes

It’s important to teach your child that making mistakes is part of growing and learning. Making mistakes are not cause to feel ashamed or embarrassed. Allowing your child to see natural consequences, when it’s safe to do so, and talking about how to avoid repeating the same mistake and next time can have a great impact on their mental strength.

Teach Your Child How to Develop Healthy Self-Talk

Teach your child how to reframe catastrophic outcomes, turning negative thoughts into positive ones can help your child think more realistically and optimistically. Hard times can and will be faced at any point in life, so by reframing their point of view, you help them to get through hard times no matter what.

Encourage Your Child to Face Fears Head-On

When facing fears head-on, your child develops problem-solving skills that will never inhibit them from achieving their goal no matter how hard it may seem.

Allow Your Child to Feel Uncomfortable

Although we don’t want to see our child feeling uncomfortable, rescuing them from the first sign of distress can reinforce their thoughts of helplessness. Let your child lose, let them feel bored, and insist that they’re responsible even when they don’t want to be.

How to Start

To begin on this past of raising mentally strong kids, start with us at Memorial Montessori in Sugar Land, TX. We are readily available to help you and your child with the obstacles of growing up. To learn more about our curriculum and what we do here, give our office a call!

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