6 Simple Tips for Reading to Toddlers

6 Simple Tips for Reading to Toddlers

May 16, 2019

Many studies and research indicate that reading to your child helps in developing literacy and a lifelong habit of reading. While reading to your children can often be a challenge for most parents, here are some tips for reading to your toddlers.

Tips for Sharing Books with Toddlers

Choose Timing Carefully.

Most toddlers enjoy constantly moving around and engage in active play. It can be difficult for parents to settle their toddlers and switch over to reading to them when they are playing. The best time to read to your child is when your child is tired or right before their bedtime.

Select Children’s Books Based on the Child’s Interests.

Like adults, children have their own preferences in the kind of stories they prefer to listen to. In case your child likes stories about animals, read them stories related to animals, having animal characters, etc.

Also, using different books and different stories will help your child’s learning and developing their reading habits.

Bring Stories to Life.

Parents can bring stories to life using funny noises or sounds, using sock or hand puppets, or even sing the book with a musical instrument. This is an interesting way of making the story much livelier for your child and develops for a child’s interest in the story and reading.

Have Realistic Expectations.

Parents need to have realistic expectations while reading to their children. Toddlers can get distracted easily and might not be able to sit through an entire book. Even if your toddler wants you to read-only for a few minutes, let your toddler decide the duration of reading sessions.

Let Children Explore Books & Ask Questions.

Children can be very curious and tend to ask questions to their parents while they are reading to their children. Do not get irritated if your child asks you too many questions. In fact, you should encourage your child to ask questions, and you should answer them without getting irritated.

Read with Kids Often.

Parents should try reading to their children as often as possible. Frequently reading to your child encourages learning and develops a healthy habit of reading in your toddler as well.

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