6 Tips for Gentle Weaning

6 Tips for Gentle Weaning

Aug 01, 2019

When the child is grown up enough, you may no longer need to feed them. The process is simple and designed by Mother Nature. Many parents allow the child to feed for as long as they want and they wean themselves. However, others encourage the kids to wean at some point. Montessori in Sugar Land, TX suggests that you must not force weaning on your child and it must be a slow and gradual process so that they get time to adjust. Let’s explore some such gentle methods.

Think gradual, meaning this process may take many months.

Try to be as patient as you can during the process of weaning. Never try to rush things out. When you begin the process, think as if you and the child are moving toward the weaning process one day at a time. This helps in gradual progress.

Be sure he/she is getting enough nutrition from other sources.

Another important point to consider is that the baby should get the required nutrition from another source. If he/she is getting most of their calories from you, weaning will make them hungry as the baby is not used to see food as a way of satiating hunger.

Stop nursing after injuries.

Many kids want to nurse after they fall and hurt themselves. But you must avoid doing it. Instead, hold them and empathize with them so that they stop asking for nursing as a pacifier.

Stop nursing when your child is using it to manage boredom or other feelings.

Many kids demand nursing when they experience emotions that they don’t want to feel. Give your child better tools to regulate their emotions.

Provide alternatives.

When your kid wants to nurse, you can try to suggest other activities. This will reduce the number of times you nurse in a day. You can take them outside to see birds or offer them a glass of water.

Reduce the time spent at each nursing.

Reducing the time your child nurses during every session will help in giving up a little easier.

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