8 Top Benefits of Taking Your Child In Infant Daycares

8 Top Benefits of Taking Your Child In Infant Daycares

Apr 01, 2021

As more parents begin to resume their jobs, it is no surprise that taking a child to infant child care is becoming rather a necessity. And the good thing about child cares is they are children-friendly, and parents can rest easy knowing that their children are safe.

At Memorial Montessori, we believe that child care goes beyond feeding and changing diapers. That’s why we have an infant and toddler program that is wisely designed to encourage your kid’s growth while nurturing a sense of self and intellectual growth in a safe and supportive environment. In support of our mission, here are the top benefits of enrolling your kid in our care.

Nutrition And Care

A kid needs to maintain a unique habit and schedule. That’s why we communicate with our parents and develop a personalized feeding and diapering plan that fits their children. That way, a parent can take even better care of her child at home through the guidance of our teachers who have studied the kid.


A child needs to start social interactions as early as possible. Taking your kid to an infant daycare near you makes it easy for her to interact with children her age and learn from them. They form friendships and develop a love for each other through the various activities in the daycares.

Infants also benefit greatly from the interaction with adults (teachers). It helps kids with anxiety issues because they get used to adults other than their parents. That’s why it is easier to leave a child who has been through daycare with a relative or nanny. They also handle being on occasions better than those who spend all their time with their parents.

Infants Get Used To Routines

Most infant daycare follows certain routines during the day. There is a time for playing, eating, and napping. Kids benefit greatly from this kind of learning structure. They get to sleep better and learn how to listen and follow instructions from parents. Furthermore, the routines in Montessori for infants are carefully structured to help improve a child’s health and wellbeing.

Academic Preparation

At some point, your child will need to go to school. Familiarizing her with a school structure as early as possible makes it easy for her to adapt to the future school environment. This can improve her performance since she will always feel comfortable in a school setting.

Communication And Development

Children who undergo daycare programs find it easy to communicate than those who don’t. That’s because they interact with other children learning how to communicate, and professional teachers train them on how to communicate properly.

Cooperative Play

Playing develops children’s motor skills, and that’s why parents always try to play with their kids. But playing in daycare does more than just developing motor skills. It also teaches children how to cooperate and share. They get to share their toys and playing items with other kids. They also learn how to wait for their turns when participating in games that require taking turns. All these skills play a vital role in the development of your kid.


Infant cares offer a safe and reliable environment for kids. They are open in the morning hours and closed in the evening. This offers stability for busy parents and provides them with peace of mind, knowing their kids are safe. We treat kids as if they are our own, so you can be sure our kid will be in safe hands if you bring her to our daycare.

Parental Interaction And Support

While children benefit greatly from daycares, parents also get to enjoy some benefits. For example, they interact with other parents from time to time and share the joys and difficulties of parenting. It can be a beautiful opportunity for parents to make new friends.

Memorial Montessori

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