Before Starting Preschool: What Your Kids Should Know

Before Starting Preschool: What Your Kids Should Know

Jan 16, 2019

Is your child all ready to go to a preschool? Do you think your kid is prepared to go out there and explore this world? As a parent, you play a vital role in your child’s education. There are many things you can teach them before their preschool begins.

Make Them Independent

Encourage independence in your kid to make them prepared to take care of themselves in a small manner. They should be able to spend a few hours without you so that they don’t get distracted. Teach them basic things like wearing clothes, tying shoelace and eating food on their own.

Prime for Potty Training

They should be “toilet-trained”, i.e. able to go to the lavatory by themselves, wipe their own bottom and wash their hands afterward.

Instill Organization

Make your kid responsible by telling them about their toys and keeping them at the same place where it was after playing. Going to bed early and waking up early for a healthy day ahead. Learning to play along with other kids and trying to make new friends.

Develop Social Skills

Social skills are very important for kids to develop at very young age. The very basic place to develop this skill is in preschool, so make them learn to make new friends. Teach them to share their toys and food with their friends.

Encourage Emotional Readiness

Make sure that you are ready to handle your kid’s fussy behavior. Encourage by saying “we are here for you, will talk when you are not cranky”. Always be ready to handle them when they throw tantrums or get angry for no reason.

Cultivate Communication Skills

Prepare them to always communicate their feelings and needs so that they don’t have a problem doing the same with their teachers and classmates.

Focus on the Basics

Teach your child to take his/her full name and address. Your kid should also be able to say your name.

Put Away the Flash Cards

Don’t put pressure on acing everything as your kid will gain those skills in the preschool.

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