Benefits of After-School Programs

Benefits of After-School Programs

Mar 02, 2017

After-school programs have become more and more prevalent across schools, and for good reason. These programs have a large number of benefits for both students, and parents alike. For one, an after-school program involves supervising and helping your child as they participate in different activities, so you can be more confident about leaving your child in the hands of their teachers, especially if you work past regular school hours.In addition, students have the chance to work on homework or participate in their favorite past-times. Still trying to decide whether or not you want to enroll your child in an after-school program? Here are the other benefits of after-school programs:

Promotes Healthy Eating

With after-school programs, you never have to worry about making sure your child has something to extra to eat (that’s healthy at that) after a long day at school. Most programs offer students healthy and nutritional snacks or meals at the beginning of the program after the school day has officially ended. Some programs even offer these healthy snacks at the end of the program, before you pick them up. Doing so instills the habit of eating healthier snack options, which is especially important for young, growing children.

Boosts Academic Performance

A great benefit to after-school programs that many parents appreciate is their ability to help boost academic performance. Before allowing students to participate in other activities, most programs require that they work on homework for a short period of time. (Younger children, like those in pre-school, are usually allowed time to rest instead.) This is especially beneficial because there are always teachers and teacher aides present to assist your child with any questions they have about their homework; this can help a child with understanding a concept they’ve learned during class, which promotes better academic performance. An after-school program aligned in this way can also encourage your child to always work on homework before leisure activities, no matter if at school, or at home.

Encourages Physical Activity and Positive Social Interaction

After homework time, many activities become available for students. Many of these activities encourage physical activity, such as playing outside, which is good for promoting exercise for your child. In addition, many activities may involve some sort of club or teamwork activity, such as a sports club. In these activities, your child has the ability to share their interests with other students, which encourages positive social interaction.

After-school programs are done in a wholesome environment that your child is familiar with, and encourages healthy eating, positive academic performance, exercise, and positive social interaction. It’s loved by many parents and students, and is definitely worth trying out!

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