Benefits of Montessori Programs for Younger Children

Benefits of Montessori Programs for Younger Children

Apr 12, 2017

Parents know their children best, and only they can choose the right preschool for them. Luckily, there are many options to choose from, including Montessori programs for younger children. Montessori is based on research and evidence that supports their educational methods. If you are wondering if a Montessori school is best for your child, consider the following list of benefits their teaching philosophy delivers.

1.Targets key stages of development.

The Montessori method centers on the key developmental milestones that children reach between 3-5 years of age. Three-year-olds focus on sharpening language and large muscle skills. As they get a little older, students work on developing fine motor skills and learning how to complete everyday tasks. Older children broaden their Montessori experience further through special events and field trips.

2. Inspires cooperative play.

Since the teacher is not solely in charge of the classroom, students are able to guide their own activities. This encourages them to cooperate with each other and share as they explore all the Montessori classroom stations. Children who learn in a Montessori school develop respect for one another and have a strong sense of community

3. Child-centered learning.

Montessori school Houston focuses on each child’s specific abilities and needs, allowing them to learn and explore at their own pace. Everything within the classroom is in reach, and furniture is child-sized. Also, older students mentor the younger kids as much as the teachers do in the Montessori school.

4. Students learn self-discipline.

Although Montessori students can determine the course of their day, there are set ground rules that are enforced by the teacher and fellow students. This learning environment naturally instills self-discipline and enhances important life skills such as self-control, concentration, and motivation.

5. Montessori programs teach order.

Every item and activity in a Montessori school are assigned an exact shelf location in the classroom. Children learn to return objects back into their proper places when they finished with an activity. This process instills self-discipline, facilitates learning and fosters an innate desire to operate in an orderly environment.

6. Teachers guide learning.

In Montessori programs, teachers work as guides who facilitate learning, instead of dictating what it will be. They lead, encourage children to work at their own pace and they make sure the ground rules are not ignored.

7. Montessori school Houston inspires creativity.

Creativity is strongly enforced in the Montessori classroom. Children are encouraged to enjoy the process and not focus on the result. They are inspired to think on a broadened scale, by being exposed to a variety of different cultures and concepts in a many ways.

8. Hands-on approach.

One of the best benefits Montessori programs offer younger children is focused hands-on learning. The method emphasizes concrete learning as opposed to an abstract model. Students enjoy math and language exercises, and they dive into activities that teach practical life lessons and expose them to different cultures.

In addition to the classroom benefits for younger children, many schools offer Montessori after school programs. The early years are an important time to prepare students for the long learning process ahead. Montessori school Houston is a great place to get your child started in the right direction.

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