Best Types of Books to Read to Young Children

Best Types of Books to Read to Young Children

Jan 19, 2017

When you read to your child, you are not only introducing them to a new world; you are also exposing them to new ideas and skills that can contribute to how they learn and how they develop as they become older. There are all kinds of children’s books that you can choose from to read to your little one. However, there are specific types of children’s books that can target your child’s skill sets and better help them develop. Here are the best types of books to read to young children:

Picture Books

In picture books, both the words and the illustrations help tell the story. Picture books are great for younger children especially because the images are usually very engaging to them and provide extra information that the text may not have. Being able to connect the words of a story to the accompanying pictures will allow your child to develop basic critical thinking skills as well as the ability to learn new words more quickly!

Participation Books

Participation books are considered books that invite readers to participate and engage with the story. This may involve repeating a phrase or clapping their hands. Lift-the-flap books are also considered as participation books because they invite readers to lift flaps or pull sections embedded in the book to further enjoy the story. Participation books are great for kids because they allow them to interact with the book and promote a new love for reading.

Wordless Books

As the name suggests, wordless books contain little to no text; they tell a story primarily through illustrations and pictures. This is great for children at all reading levels; there are some wordless books that are fairly simple that are good for children who have not quite yet developed a basic reading foundation. There are other wordless books that are more sophisticated and suitable for older children, too. Wordless books can hone on a child’s critical thinking and logic skills as they try to put the story together.

These are only just a few of the books that are wonderful for children! Other types of books that are great for kids include:

  • Patterned books
  • Folktales and fables
  • Poetry/rhyming books
  • Nursery rhymes
  • Alphabet books
  • Counting books
  • Non-fiction/informational books
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