Bonding With Your Kids

Bonding With Your Kids

Jun 03, 2013

You might sometimes have a feeling that you have disconnected from your family and kids – with work, school, extracurricular activities, social obligations, and so much more. If you think yelling has taken over playing, texting has taken over talking; then you need to read on to see how you can reconnect with your kids and family.

Date Time!

People put so much importance on the husband and wife relationship; a lot of advice goes out in going for dates after marriage. If that works, then surely a date with your pre-school child would also work wonders? Plan a date with your child, one at a time, and go out. You can take him out for ice cream, a simple walk around the neighborhood, or for a relaxing meal. Let them take the lead in planning where to go and see how they continue to take the lead during the date. They will open up and tell you loads of things they may not think of otherwise. Reconnect like this regularly and find a difference in your relationship as a parent. Parents at Calgary Daycares often take their kids out on such dates.

Go Green!

If there is one activity that bonds people, it is gardening. Calgary Daycares promotes gardening on the school grounds, where teachers and students set aside some time to do gardening. The whole act of planting seeds and cultivating a plant, seeing the garden develop, is an amazing feeling. Imagine making blueberry pancakes with the blueberries from your garden! When do you do this at home over conversations and helping one another? Your garden will always hold a special place in both your hearts as the years go by….the plant your child planted, the flowers you both tended to; all this will always link you.

Take a Road Trip

It does not matter if you are driving across the country or just to another city – a road trip can bring you and your pre-school children so much closer. They say it is the journey and not the destination you must enjoy! A road trip is where you would spend hours cooped up in a car – so what do you do? You play car games, you talk, and you talk, and you talk. You reconnect. As you take breaks at coffee shops and rest stops at hotels, you get to bond with your children.

Always take time out to bond with your kids. They grow up way too quickly, and you only have a limited period!

Happy Parenting!

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