Bringing Montessori Home

Bringing Montessori Home

Feb 18, 2013

So you have made the right choice for your child by putting him in a Montessori school. Here he will learn all the wonderful lessons that will develop him socially and academically. The school directress will encourage you to have a Montessori environment at home to further enhance your child’s experience. You are wondering if you need to equip your home with all the Montessori apparatus. Well, no…..what you need to do is to follow certain things so your child can continue with the right approach all the time.

One important thing is consistency. Consistency should be from day to pay and from parent to parent. There will be times you may not support your spouse’s decision, but it’s important to support it. You might have intense behind the door discussion on the issue itself, but it’s important to be divided in front of the kids. The do’s and don’ts at school should not be different from the ones at home, unless you want a very unsettled and confused child!

Another thing to be mindful about is that you may not be able to change a child’s mind by only changing a child’s outward behavior. It is sometimes common for us to yell, threaten and shame a child when all else fails. They may obey, but they will not internalize the right behavior. At Montessori Sugar Land, we encourage the child to experience the consequences of their behavior, but never alone. They should always have the encouragement and support from parents.

We often are in the habit of cleaning up after our family. If your child is in a Montessori school, he or she is used to cleaning up or completing an activity all the time. Don’t confuse the child with a different set of rules at home where he or she does not have to clear up after an activity. Encourage him or her to do as he or she does at school and you will have a permanent behavioral pattern.

You can’t of course set up your entire home as a Montessori school, but practicing some of the principles will help children a lot as they go along the course of growing up and practicing the right behavior patterns.

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