Car Travel with Kids

Car Travel with Kids

May 16, 2013

Preschoolers need constant attention and stimulation. They are inquisitive and active and have loads of energy to burn. How often and how many times do you hear your preschooler go ‘are we there yet? When you are travelling with him? Add to this bickering amongst kids, bathrooms breaks, snack breaks and other unscheduled breaks – till it rips at your sanity? You wished you knew some magic formulas to travel with kids and be cool.

Take planned breaks every now and then. A simple break is a bathroom break at a rest stop where you can stretch your legs and get a drink, while your daycare child can get to run around a bit. These few minutes every now and then will add up to your trip, but it will also give your child the energy reliever he needs.
Be prepared with snacks; lots of snacks. You don’t want to stop more than you have to and remember, people get hungry when they are travelling; kids more so. Carry with you a variety of snacks and don’t forget juices and water. You might need more bathroom stops, but it is a small price to pay for yours and your preschool child’s sanity.

You are asking for trouble if you pack without planning. The one thing you cannot forget to carry along is a big fun bag full of games and activities. Have a variety again – colouring books, puzzles, toys and games are a great idea. For kids who like music, carry their favourite CDs along so they can be entertained. You can play famous car games with your preschool child – counting the cars, finding animals or the alphabet game. Look for many more on the Internet.

Having a pleasant journey is the first part of having a good trip. Plan well and you all should be better than just fine!

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