Caring For Your Infant: A Comprehensive Guide

Caring For Your Infant: A Comprehensive Guide

Oct 01, 2020

After successfully carrying that bump for nine months and having a safe delivery, it is now time to begin life with your bundle of joy. It is not uncommon for first-time parents to be clueless about caring for an infant, as this is a whole new experience. This is the reason we compiled tips to help you better take care of your newborn.

Getting Help

During this time, you could use all the help you can get as things will be pretty hectic. Before getting discharged, consult with experts at the hospitals. You could talk to feeding specialists or nurses that could teach you how to burp, hold, and take great care of your newborn.

Back at home, you should consider hiring a nanny, baby nurse, or postpartum doula to help you around. Your doctor could refer you to home health agencies.

Your friends and relatives, too, will be of great help. However, if you feel you do not want them around, do not be afraid to place restrictions.

Handling Your Newborn

If you haven’t been around many newborns, their fragility may scare you. Here are some of the basics you should remember:

  • Ensure your hands are clean before handling a newborn: You can wash them or use a sanitizer. Because their immunity system is still weak, newborns are susceptible to infections.
  • Support their neck and head: When you carry your infant or lay them down to sleep, ensure you cradle their head.
  • Please do not shake your infant: Shaking may result in bleeding in their brain and could even be fatal. If you want to wake them up, tickle their feet or blow on their cheeks instead of shaking them.
  • Securely fasten them: Whether in a stroller, car seat, or carrier, always ensure your newborn is secured. This limits any bouncy or rough activity.
  • Do not jiggle them or throw them in the air.

Bonding & Soothing

Bonding is inarguably one of the most pleasurable aspects of newborn care. It happens within the first few days after birth. It is during this time that parents connect with their babies. The physical closeness helps foster an emotional connection. This attachment plays a massive role in their personal growth on the infant’s part, which goes a long way to affect their development in several other areas like physical growth.

To start bonding with your infant, cradle them and gently stroke them. Infant massage may help you connect with your premature baby or an infant with medical issues. You can ask your doctor about this and be gentle while doing it as babies’ strength can’t compare to adults.

You can also bond with your child by singing, talking, babbling, and cooing. Good music could also excite your baby. For their hearing, musical mobiles and baby rattles could be good stimulators. If your newborn can’t stop crying, try reciting nursery rhymes, singing, or reading out loud as you rock them.


You can opt for disposable or cloth diapers. Whichever your choice, your little one will most likely soil them ten times daily. You will need a clean diaper, fasteners, a diaper ointment, and diaper wipes.

After your newborn has soiled the diaper, lay them on their back before getting them out of it. Wipe their genital area using water, wipes, cotton balls, or a washcloth. For girls, wipe from front to back to avoid UTIs.

A diaper rash is common in babies. Here are some tips you can use to prevent or heal the rash:

  • Change the infant’s diaper often.
  • After cleaning the area with water and mild soap, apply a layer of diaper rash cream.
  • In the case of cloth diapers, use detergents that are fragrance and dye-free
  • On some days, leave your baby undiapered to air out their skin.


Until the circumcision heals and the umbilical cord falls off, your baby should receive a sponge bath. Bathing them at least twice a week is okay as frequent bathing may dry their skin. Have the following items ready before you begin washing your newborn:

  • A soft and clean washcloth
  • Baby soap (mild, unscented)
  • Soft brush
  • Towel
  • Clean diaper
  • Clean clothes

Sometimes, you may have to go to work before your baby has fully-grown. This necessitates the need to look for an infant daycare near you. Memorial Montessori exists for the sole purpose of caring for your baby while you go about your activities. Are you looking for a daycare in Sugar Land, TX? Call us.

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