Children and Sports

Children and Sports

Apr 25, 2017

Sport Activities for Kids

Sport activities for kids help them develop strong physical skills, get the exercise their growing bodies need, and develop lasting friendships. With all those benefits of sports children also have fun, they learn how to be a productive team player, and build self-esteem.

Benefits of Sports for Kids

The valuable behaviors and attitudes that children are taught through sports follow them throughout life. It is important for parents to be proactive in helping instill good sportsmanship practices. For kids to get the most out of their experiences, it is best for parents to be actively involved by:

  • Offering positive feedback often and strong emotion support
  • Cheering kids on at games and discussing the events with them afterward
  • Maintaining realistic expectations for your child
  • Understanding the sport and being supportive of your child
  • Encouraging your child to openly discuss his or her experiences with the rest of the team and the coach
  • Help your child through the disappointments, the lost games, and teach them how to always be respectful

Parenting and Sports for Kids

Being actively involved in sports activities for kids takes time and commitment. It does create challenges with busy lives and tight work schedules, but it allows parents to know more about the coaching style and behaviors. The way your child responds reflects how well the coach manages the team and how present you are as a parent.

Parents should also discuss what children see during sports for kids. When tempers get out of control, and kids exhibit poor sportsmanship, talk about better ways the disagreement could have been resolved. Focus on the fact that disrespectful behavior in any situation is never acceptable. Success and winning are not interchangeable terms. Just like losing and failure are not the same thing.

If your child’s coach is exhibiting inappropriate behavior, don’t hesitate to have a private discussion with the coach. Two adults should be able to talk about what is best for your child and important for the whole team. If the coach is not responsible, take the discussion to the other parents with kids on the team, or those at the school or those responsible for activities in the league. If no action is taken at that point, it may be time to withdraw your child.

Like all aspects of being a parent, it is very important to stay actively involved in sports for kids. Praise their accomplishments, be there for the wins and the defeats, and have open discussions about what happened during the games and practices. This quality time helps kids develop crucial life skills that will set them up for success. One of the main benefits of sports for kids is that the lessons learned will help shape positive values and behaviors that can last a lifetime.

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