Communicating with your child the Montessori way

Communicating with your child the Montessori way

Mar 03, 2013

When it comes to preschool education, activities are centered on the goals of the program the preschool follows. At Preschool Sugar Land, we believe that the Montessori way is an endless opportunity for the child’s learning and how the caregivers conduct activities through the right communication method. At Montessori preschools, communication is always much more than words and tone. Body language and attitude is also as important. As a parent, you may want to follow the same routine at home so your child is a true Montessorian.

Proactive guidance strategies

The goal at Preschool Sugar Land is always to guide children in positive ways as they develop, without the use of force. By acting as a guide for your child at home, you will be able to communicate better with him than having rules and meting out praise and punishments. When your child does something positive, instead of cheering and clapping, a simple positive statement like ‘I see that you have put your toys away’ will give your child the positive interaction to keep him going. Similarly, when faced with a difficult situation like a tantrum, instead of reacting to the action, a statement like ‘I can see that you’re upset, shall we do something about it?’ will direct your child to a more suitable behavior.

Give a directed choice

Instead of choosing your child’s clothes, meals and outings, let him make the choice by offering a directed choice. This will give him the opportunity to choose between two equally attractive options. It also communicates to him that you have confidence in his choice and that he is capable of making a choice. Instead of asking your child what he wants or if he would like to wear the red jacket (where the possible answer would be ‘I want my bear’ or ‘No no no’), offer a choice with similar positive outcomes. For example, ‘Jane, do you want to wear the red jacket or the blue jacket?’

Speak and listen with respect

This is probably the most stressed on method. At Preschool Sugar Land, we believe that speaking and listening to your child with respect serves as a guide on how he should also do the same with you and others around him. Maintaining eye contact, bending down to the child’s level, speaking to them courteously, using the correct language, allowing him to speak uninterrupted and letting your child speak for himself are just some of the things you can do to communicate with your child the Montessori way.

Preschool education is not only about imparting knowledge to a child, it is also about educating a child in a wholesome manner and to be able to give the child the right personality that he will have for the rest of his life.

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