Creating a Relationship with Your Kids

Creating a Relationship with Your Kids

Jan 06, 2014

Bonding with your child in today’s world where parents are busy at work and children are busy at preschool and activities can be a bit challenging at times. You are all going through the daily grind together, but that does not necessarily mean you are spending time together.

Time is precious and as a working parent, it can become overwhelming dealing with work and home. Leave the laundry in the basket a bit longer, turn off your phone if your child needs you – balance your time and create a long lasting relationship with your children. Here are some great ways you can actually create a relationship that lasts.

Keep a list. As parents who are juggling several balls at one time, we always get the feeling that nothing gets done. Make a list of all the things you want to get done and tick them off as you go through your day. By doing this, once you have ticked everything off, you will have time left after your day’s tasks to spend with your children. Don’t let other chores get in the way then.

Bonding with your child does not always need activities, toys and outings. While all these things are fun, the best thing you can give your child is your attention. When you are spending even ten minutes on the sofa chatting with your child about their day at school, focus on them. Not on the TV, not on your phone, but only on your child.

Unwind. If you are stressed out at work, spend a few minutes in your car before you get home or stop by for a quick coffee alone to gather yourself before you head home. A stressed you is no good for bonding. Recuperate before you see your kids and just like you give the best of you to your bosses and colleagues, give that to your child too.

Happy Parenting!

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