Determining Talent in Your Child

Determining Talent in Your Child

Oct 28, 2015

Gifted Creatures

Children are gifted individuals who are discovering who they are as they grow. Each child develops skills and talents, if you are wondering whether or not your child has some kind of special talent, play closer attention. You may be wondering how. The answer is, there’s rarely an easy way to spot talent. In most cases, there are a few things you need to do on your part to spot the talent and learn to foster it.

Spotting the Talent

As a parent, you must keep in mind that no two children are the same. Don’t expect your child to have the same talents as their sibling. Each child has talent that needs nourishing and encouragement. Even if your kids are twins, remember that each one is a unique individual.

Open opportunities: Let your child join extra curricular activities at school. Don’t push them into doing activities that they may not feel passionate about.

Observe your child: This is something you probably already do, but go that extra mile and take note of how your child behaves, what excites them, what disappoints them, what they keep talking to you about.

Talk to your child: Communication is key to understanding and avoiding many problems. No matter the age, try to have an open platform for discussion with your child. Healthy communication can save lives at times. Never underestimate it.

Get involved: Don’t just put your child in extra curricular classes or get them tutors to help them out with their academics, get involved. Spend time with them doing activities they enjoy. No matter how much your child may dislike spending time with you, as they start getting older, remember that these are the moments they will reminisce and miss dearly later on in life.

Support: Once you have spotted your child’s talent and passion, be there by their side. Support them and encourage them, reminding them that you are their biggest fan. Reiterate your belief in their abilities and never forget to shower them with love, wisdom, and appreciation.

At the end of the day, if your child is passionate about something harmful, learn to explain to them and show them how and why it might be harmful, rather than putting a ban on it. Let the world remain as a canvas for your child to draw his or her life on.

And oh yes, Happy Parenting!

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