Easy Exercises to do With Your Kids

Easy Exercises to do With Your Kids

Oct 15, 2015

Bonding with Kids

These days our kids seem like they are growing quicker than ever before. So much so, that bonding with them seems like a challenge. Bonding with children is a key part of parenting, especially in terms of healthy bonding strategies. One of the healthiest ways of bonding, in a literal sense, is working out with your children.

Easy Exercises to Do with Kids

No need to get tensed thinking about how hard it might be to exercise with your kids. These are easy and fun to do and don’t need much effort. Make sure you do each of them within in one sitting with your kids. 20-30 seconds for each position is good, as long as your kids can keep up.

Planks: Position elbows on the floor, keep your toes upwards, keep the back straight while putting pressure on the abs and remain in this position (you will feel weight on your arms).

Sit-Ups or Crunches: Lay on the floor facing up, place your two hands behind your head and pull yourself up to your abs or your knees.

Squats: Put your feet about a shoulders’ breadth separately and then do knee bends. The posture when you go down should be as if you’re sitting on a box (invisible), 90 degrees. Once down, put your arms up straight. Make sure knees don’t go beyond your toes when you go down.

Lunges: Take a step and place your back knee on the floor, all the while make sure your knee fronts don’t go beyond your toes when you go down.

High Jumps: Stand in one place, bring one leg up while bending it 90 degrees. Do the same to the next leg. Keep doing this simultaneously with both legs, as fast you can.
Running: Stand in one place and run as fast as you can.

Leg Raises: Lay on the floor a 180 degrees, facing up. Bring one leg up to your abs while keeping the other leg down. Switch and do the same for the other leg.
Jumping jacks: As you jump up and down, your hands will go up 180 degrees then back again to the side.

Remember to enjoy this time with your kids; take advantage of bonding with them at an early age through healthy activities which will also help them develop healthy habits from a young age. Try out different moves and decide which ones work best for you and your child.

Happy exercise bonding!

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