Easy Holiday Crafts for Younger Children

Easy Holiday Crafts for Younger Children

Dec 19, 2017

Creating easy Christmas crafts for preschoolers and toddlers is a fun way to keep youngsters busy and encourage creative thinking. While the following activities are geared toward preschoolers, younger kids of all ages will also enjoy making these festive creations.

Festive Pringles Containers

There are so many ideas your kids can come up with using an empty chip cylinder and some simple art supplies. With some paint, a few stickers and a lot of imagination, a recycled snack container can evolve into a holiday vase, decorative candy cane dispenser or a colorful pencil holder.

Sock Snowman

Most of us have come across an unpaired white sock from time to time. Instead of tossing it, or waiting for the return of the lost mate, have your child create a sock snowman puppet. If you have different sizes available, your toddler can make an entire family.

Advent Calendar Crafts

Boost the excitement leading up to Christmas day by helping your child make a fun Advent calendar craft. You can come up with a sturdy, reusable design that can be pulled out every year.

Graham Cracker Houses

A graham cracker house may be an easier project for younger kids, instead of tackling a traditional gingerbread house. Have children use frosting to glue the graham crackers together, and to decorate the structure.

Pine Cone Tree Ornaments

Find some large, sturdy pine cones in good condition and provide an assortment of small adornments, and kids will remain busy for hours.

Candy Cane Reindeer

Youngsters can handle most of the steps involved in creating a festive reindeer out of pipe cleaners and candy canes. They can proudly display the finish works on the Christmas tree or as decorative gift toppers.

Advent Collage Craft

Help kids cut out or print photos of items they want Christmas to make a fun collage. Toddlers and preschoolers can rip out the images they choose.

CD Photo Ornament

Shiny photo ornaments can be made with CDs. Kids can select a picture or photo (or anything readily available) and use colored construction paper and glue to frame the image.

Gingerbread Cookies and Ornaments

Together you and your child will enjoy making gingerbread cookies and decorating them as ornaments. Provide a nice selection of decorations and frostings.

Pine Cone Animals

Pinecone animals are easy to make with pipe cleaners, glitter, paint and other craft supplies. Transform an ordinary pinecone into your child’s favorite animal, Santa Clause or more.

Light Bulb Penguin

A burnt out light bulb can be used to make a tree ornament or other holiday decoration. Flip the bulb upside down and create a reindeer, snowman or Santa.

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