Eating Healthy is a Family Affair

Eating Healthy is a Family Affair

Aug 13, 2014

We all know that children learn in different ways, but most studies show that the most important life lessons are taught by emulation. That means that whatever you do, or don’t do, your child will learn by imitating your behavior. Think of kids like little sponges, taking in every moment, gesture, wording…etc., and learning that those things are the norm in our society. So what better way to teach your kids the importance of healthy eating, than by making it a family affair!

Show Kids that Veggies aren’t gross: Including some healthy form of veggies in meals, whether they be lunch or dinner: baby carrots, grilled veggies, green beans, steamed broccoli to name a few. We know the “yuck” face, but introducing kids at an early age that veggies are good for you, and can be delicious is a great way to avoid it all together. Consistency is key, and showing your kids that you enjoy it, and maybe an older sibling can help, will help ease their kid aversion to healthy veggies.

Breakfast is important: Sometimes the hectic parenting lifestyle can leave little time to make a meal in the mornings, but showing kids that parents enjoy breakfast regularly will help build their reliability on the meal. Taking the time to wake up just 30 minutes earlier will give you time to sit down and enjoy breakfast with the little ones; family time and a good meal. It is known as the most important meal of the day for a reason!

Get the Kids to help: Kids having a vested interest in meals can improve their cooperation when it comes to eating “gross” things. Having them help in some way in the preparation of the meal, whether it be stirring or measuring can make them feel like this meal is a product of their hard work, and they’ll sit down and enjoy it much more easily.

Sit down Family dinners: Sit down family dinners are becoming scarce in today’s society of constant tablet, cell phone, computer use. Taking the time to unwind from school, and work for families is important for touching bases, learning more about one another, advice, confessions, jokes…etc. Stability is shown with regular sit down family meals: something kids need to learn and grow successfully.

Happy Parenting!

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