Encouraging a Shy Preschooler

Encouraging a Shy Preschooler

Mar 10, 2014

You will always see some children of a preschool age bounce through life eager to try out new experiences that come their way. You will also see some shy ones that hang back and cling to a parent’s hand, or hide behind a parent and observe activities without wanting to be a part of it. For parents of shy preschool children, you will know that balancing the new experiences your child needs with the safety you want to provide can become a tricky task at times. Here are some ways to help shy preschool children become a part of the group.

1. Allow adjustment time. Sometimes all shy people need is some extra time to adjust to new situations and experiences. One way in which you can help your shy child is by giving him a trial run of the new experience. For example, you could tell your child about the people that are coming over for dinner and tell him exactly what is going to happen when they arrive. If it is about the first day of school, take him to school a couple of times before it officially begins so he can familiarize himself with the environment. He can meet his teacher and know where important things are. This way, when it comes to meeting the new family or attending the first day of school, he will be less nervous.

2. Schedule play dates. If your child is attending preschool, make some play dates with another shy child, preferably one who shares some similar interests. Let your child choose his playmate if he wants. If you host the playdate in a familiar setting like home, the children will be more comfortable. This may slowly bring your child out of his introverted self. Later on, you can try the same with other friends. Soon, your child will be comfortable in a classroom full of students that he knows.

Happy Parenting!

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