Fall Crafts for Kids

Fall Crafts for Kids

Oct 11, 2017

With the colorful changing leaves, assorted gourds and cool weather, the time is now for fun fall activities. The following collection of easy craft ideas for kids features seasonal themes with items you can collect outdoors and other affordable materials. These creative fall crafts are child-friendly and will provide hours of artful fun.

Not-so-Scary Popsicle Stick Scarecrow

Glue together six or eight popsicle sticks. Cut out several pieces of colored construction paper for hair and glue to the top of the wooden sticks. Create a hat out of scrapbook paper, and paste it on top of the construction paper, allowing some of the hair to show through. Add two googly eyes under the hair, a pom-pom nose and a smile of yarn.

Handprint Pumpkin Patch

Have kids dip their knuckles in orange paint and press down on white paper to create the pumpkins. Draw stems with a brown marker and use a green marker to draw leaves and a vine to connect all the pumpkins in the patch.

Button Apple Tree

This preschool craft is a fun fall activity for an apple unit study or to practice counting. This is also a good fine motor skill exercise because kids must pick up one red button at a time and glue each one to a sheet of blue construction paper. The cut green paper serves as the grass, and the buttons are the apples. Cut a paper toilet roll in half, paint it brown and glue it beneath the green tissue paper leaves on the tree.

Red Stick Barn

A popular fun fall activity for kids is visiting a local farm. You can later talk about the experience and have kids use what they learned to make a creative fall craft. Build this colorful craft stick barn with red foam, autumn-inspired and animal stickers, and red craft sticks.

Paper Bag Scarecrow

This easy craft idea for kids requires cutting and tracing, so it is good for helping to develop fine motor skill. The scarecrow’s clothing is made from a mixture of both scrapbook paper and construction paper varieties. The hands and feet are made of straw, and the scarecrow’s face is drawn with red and black markers. Googly eyes complete the look.

Bean Autumn Leaves

This fun fall activity uses dried beans, a cardboard leaf template and plenty of glue to create colorful, intricate patterns with a variety of textures. This is a good kids craft idea to entertain all ages.

Button Indian Corn Craft

Make a festive fall decoration using assorted red, orange, yellow, and white buttons. Use yellow construction paper to cut out your corn piece. Make the husk out of green paper. Glue the corn onto the husk, and decorate the yellow paper with pasted on buttons.

Painted Leaves in Frame

Capture the beauty of fall by starting with a nature walk. Take kids outside to collect colorful leaves to use a painted fall leaf display. Children enjoy searching for just the right leaves, painting them and making prints, and then proudly displaying their masterpieces. The popsicle stick picture frames are decorated with red, yellow and orange colored markers.

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