Fears & Tears: Being their Hero

Fears & Tears: Being their Hero

Aug 06, 2014

One of the joys or one of the challenges of parenting, depending on how you look at it, is dealing with, and helping your children concur their fears. Boogiemen, witches, goblins…etc, can wreck havoc on little one’s minds; especially at night. That’s why in their eyes, you’re their hero, their rock of stability that is a comfort in times of fear. Fears, tears, and anxiety are all normal parts of growing up, but teaching your kids to overcome them, or turn them into something completely normal is priceless in their lives.

Here are a few tips to help you in teaching your children to kick their fears to the curb.

  • Accept their fears, but don’t make fun of them for having them. Right now they’re fears are as real to them as can be; don’t judge them, but merely teach them that whatever it is, is nothing to be afraid of in the long run. This is a great lesson they can learn that will help them with challenges in the future.
  • Have an open discussion on their fears. Keeping things bottled up is not healthy for children, and adults. Take queues from them when they’re experiencing their fear or anxiety: nail biting, fidgety behavior, hiding…etc. Once you’ve noticed their behaviors, it’ll be easier to communicate.
  • Teach your kids that their fears are sometimes normal occurrences. Thunder, and lightening can seem like terrifying phenomenon to someone who doesn’t understand the science behind it. Learning together what makes them scared will help them turn their fears into something they can cope with.
  • When they show signs of overcoming their fears, show them a bit of praise. Seeing your little ones being brave in the face of their adversity always is a positive, and they should know how proud you are of them for doing so.
  • Turn their frowns upside down. Any form of distraction will surely take their minds off of whatever is bothering them. Whether it be impromptu play time, or reading their favorite book, you can help them associate a good memory with something they feared before hand.

Happy Parenting!

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