Finding the Right Primary School near you in Sugar Land, TX

Finding the Right Primary School near you in Sugar Land, TX

Aug 01, 2020

We at Memorial Montessori understand the impact primary education has on your kid. That is why we pay attention to your child’s physical, social, cognitive, and emotional skills besides providing a program targeted at nurturing their predilection towards learning. The moment your young one walks through our doors, we nurture them to become aggressive and hungry for knowledge.

Why You Should Choose Our Learning Centre in Sugar Land, TX

Several factors make us stand out.

We Are Members of AMS (American Montessori Society Members)

As AMS members, we offer your young ones the best learning experience you would ever ask for. We follow essentials to education developed over a century ago by Dr. Maria Montessori. Our system focuses on bringing kids of different ages together to work together, giving them a sense of peer learning. The work times are uninterrupted, providing the freedom to the kids, so they learn at a pace they are comfortable with. The choice of activity is guided, thus maintaining structure while at the same time harboring individual freedom.

Numerous Benefits to Your Child’s Foundation

As far as your child’s developmental potential is concerned, there are limitless benefits of schooling at Memorial Montessori. Besides instilling a sense of independence in your kid, our school helps them find their individuality. Given our close-knit community, your kid will get to enjoy a friendly and fun environment.

Programs Offered

These are the programs we offer at our school in Montessori:

  • Infant care
  • Toddler care
  • Preschool
  • Primary
  • Afterschool
  • Summer camp

Infant Child Care in Sugar Land, TX

At Memorial Montessori, we help your infant develop several aspects of human behavior. We equip them with skills to grasp knowledge in the years to come. Here are our areas of focus:

  • Intellectual stimulation: We teach infants music, how to make verbal exchanges, and exploration of objects for shape, size, color, and texture.
  • Physical Stimulation: We help stimulate movement in their large muscle groups
  • Self-awareness: Our teachers help the infants learn how to creep, crawl then walk. We also help facilitate eating foods and bottle holding.
  • Social development: We help organize interactions between ‘kids of the same age groups. They play games together, clap and sing.
  • Practical life: We teach your infant how to eat and hold the feeding bottle
  • Language: Infants in our program have fun with dolls and name body parts, body actions, look at pictures, and read books.

Toddler Care

We base our toddler class on Montessori teaching principles. We follow the child, are aware of their sensitive periods, and encourage learning through respecting the child’s development, explorations, and using hands as learning tools. Toddlers get the opportunity to explore music, movement, motor activities, and language to meet each of their developmental needs. We engage them in tying and zipping activities, buttoning, preparing meals, and caring both for themselves and the environment.

As the toddler participates in both individual and group games, arts and crafts, storytime, and world music, they develop their coordination, attention span, and security and independence feelings. We enhance your toddler experience with outdoor classes.


We also utilize the Montessori Method in our preschool curriculum. We incorporate exercises and innately enticing materials that appeal to your child’s interests to engage them in work and learning actively.
There are four major groups of materials/exercises:

  • Practical life: This area of the curriculum refines the everyday activities, behaviors, and gestures that the child sees adults around them doing. This area aims at developing coordination, concentration, independence, and social skills.
  • Sensorial: This area aims at refining the discrimination sense of your child. Rather than the exercises and materials presenting the kid with new impressions, but rather categorize, systemize and put in order the impressions your child has received.
  • Academic: We teach both language and Math. Through the use of materials focusing on sounds, letters, and vocabulary development, children in preschool are gradually introduced to reading and writing.

Mathematics is introduced in a concrete and hands-on manner. We begin by teaching your kid the concept of 1 to 10, and if they master, we progress to more complex numbers.

Besides math and language, we also introduce a second language together with Science, Geography, and History at this stage.

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As a parent, you must understand the role of a solid foundation in your child’s education. Do you want the best for your child? Enroll them at our child care school in Sugar Land. You can book a tour whenever it’s convenient for you. We are located at 5630 W River Park Dr. Sugar Land, TX 77479. You can find us on weekdays from 6:30 in the morning to 6:30 the pm.

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