Home and Public Pool Safety

Home and Public Pool Safety

May 31, 2017

Summer is right around the corner and kids everywhere will be putting on their bathing suits to hop in! To make sure you have the most fun possible, taking safety precautions before going for a swim is always recommended. Here are Memorial Montessori’s summer pool safety tips:

Home Swimming Pool Safety Tips

Wondering what you can do to make your swimming pool safe? Always be sure to keep an eye on children when they are playing around or in a pool. Installing a fence, barrier or pool guard around the pool can help deter and even stop children from entering the pool area, giving you time to see and react to the situation. An alarm on the door leading to your pool can also be a useful measure to alert you anytime someone is going near the pool. They even make inground pool alarms that can alert you if someone enters the pool. Make sure there are no faulty drain covers in your pool and/or spa as well.

Public Pool Safety Tips

Not everyone can enjoy the fun of a pool in their backyard and venture to public pools. Although it isn’t your pool to regulate there are some very useful things you can do to ensure you and your family are safe at the public pool. The first step should always be checking the pool’s inspection score. Much like restaurants, pools, spas and even playgrounds receive inspection scores. You can check local and state websites to see if they are available in your area. Make sure the pool you are going to does not have any health code violations you should be aware of.

Next, figure out whether the public pool you’ll be going to has a pool safety guard. While you should always be keeping an eye on your children, having an extra set of eyes is always great. Checking the pool and spa drains is always necessary, make sure they are not damaged or missing. Each public pool may have specific swimming pool safety guidelines posted, abide by all pool rules. If you notice a strong chlorine/chemical smell, do not enter the pool. A healthy, regulated pool should have little to no smell. You can even purchase 4-way test strips to check the pool levels at a local pool store.

While swimming in the pool during the summer is a great activity, safety is a must. Whether you are taking a dip at home or in a public pool, always follow these home and public pool safety guidelines. It could save a life! We hope that everyone has a fun and safe summer.

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