How to Calm a Hyper Toddler?

How to Calm a Hyper Toddler?

Jun 07, 2013

If you cannot find the off switch on your hyper toddler can be a difficult task at times. Although it is natural for your toddler to be hyper at times, it can sometimes indicate underlying problems like attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, or ADHD. Talk to your doctor if you think the problem is severe. Most of the time, a combination of tiring and calming activities can help you get your wound-up child wind down.

Find an effective outlet for your child’s energy. Many of the activities at preschool are centered around a physical activity that will use up the energy of your child. What you can do to help is to take him for a bike ride around the local park every evening. Get a pet dog that he can play within the yard. Some running around does help. If your toddler has used his energy in physical activity like this, he will not be as hyper when he gets home with you.

Set up a nice and comfortable quiet corner for your toddler. It should have a comfortable bean bag or carpet and a shelf full of games, books, and activities he can play with. Train your child to spend a few minutes in the quiet corner when he gets too hyper. Building blocks, playing with puzzles, or even reading a book can turn out to be very calming activities. Most daycare centers have quiet corners for this same purpose.

Many parents have tried out calming activities such as yoga. Professionals trained in yoga know exactly which exercises would work on hyper kids. They will also be able to give you helpful tips on how to incorporate these exercises into your child’s daily routine.

Calming an overactive child is something that will help your child in the future too as often, we see hyper children unable to concentrate in school. This will affect a lot of normal activities that they would need in the future.

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