How to Deal With Children’s Disruptive Behavior

How to Deal With Children’s Disruptive Behavior

Sep 14, 2015

The Challenge of Parenthood

Parenting is a rewarding gift that comes with a heavy priority. Like so many other things in life, parenting has its challenges that parents need to overcome with much patience and guidance, and one of the greatest challenges that parents face is dealing with disruptive behavior in children.

Ways to Combat Disruptive Behavior

  • Set a goal: Remember that setting one thing at a time is easier to achieve than setting several goals at once and attempting to reach them. Define which behaviors you would like to work on fixing. If you wish to improve your child’s behavior, you must first set your mind to it and thereafter exert your efforts towards it.
  • Pick one behavior at a time: A child may have numerous behavioral issues. Just as you cannot walk up a hundred steps at once, similarly, you cannot get rid of all forms of bad behavior in one day. Consistently work on your child’s behavior, one at a time.
  • Identify the causes: Try to look at what causes your child’s disruptive behavior. Could there be a deeper meaning to their disruptiveness? Are they seeking your attention or help? Try to eliminate the root of the cause if possible.
  • Adjust the environment around your child: If you feel your child is misbehaving due to mixing with the wrong crowd, step in and set boundaries. Friends have a huge influence on your child’s behaviour. Try working with your child’s friends’ parents if you feel you can work together to improve the children’s behaviour.
  • Set rules and repercussions: You need to set rules and regulations that your child needs to be well aware of. If you want good behaviour, you must set the standards first then expect the same from them. If you set rules, but you yourself do not follow them, your child will most likely use it against you.
  • Persevere: You may not see outcomes and improvements all at once, but you owe it to your child to continue trying to help them. Remember, improvement doesn’t have to be 100% or all in one go. Each child will improve at his or her own pace. Cater to your child and don’t expect the other way around. Parenting is a great responsibility and the rewards will be countless if we persevere and pull through.
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