How to get kids to clean up?

How to get kids to clean up?

Jun 12, 2013

If there is one thing kids make a lot of, it is mess! If you have preschool aged children at home, you know exactly what I mean. If your children are old enough to pick up things, they are old enough to take some workload off you. Of course, it is not as easy as it sounds. It takes loads of work to get children to clean up, but with some effort and lots of patience, you can really get your kids to help and pitch in. Here are some best tips compiled by parents themselves.

Start ‘em early

When you get your kids started on helping out when they are very young, it immediately becomes part of their personality and habit. The best time to train children in cleaning up is when they begin to attend daycare or preschool. Give your three year old the task of putting the blocks back into the basket and see how he will always do it. Turn it into a game of taking turns to put each block in and he will have fun doing it. I used to play some music while we cleaned up so that we could dance at the same time!

Break down large jobs

Children do not understand the term ‘clean up your room’. To them, especially younger children, their room looks clean all the time. Give them specific tasks to do and they will do it brilliantly. For example, ask your child to clean his bookshelf or to organize her toy boxes.


If your child knows that every time she plays with the beads, they need to go back into the box and the box goes back onto the shelf, she will do it on auto pilot soon. If you change the routine or system or place where she should put things, she will never form a routine and hence not be able to follow it to the T. To avoid confusion, decide where things should go and stick to it.

Lastly, lead your children by example. If you clean up after yourself, chances are your child will ape the action too.

Happy Parenting!

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