How to get our children to have some serious fun?

How to get our children to have some serious fun?

Jun 18, 2013

Your child’s intellectual and physical abilities as well as the development of social skills are all dependent on the brain during their formative years. The brain produces billions and trillions of new connections between nerve cells and the experiences of a child. As educators and parents, we want to enhance this development. The question is how. The answer is to let them play!

Here are some play activities you can do with your child:

  • For children at pre-school age, it is good to get them to play physically. It develops their gross muscle strength, brain and nerve functions. Allocate a fair amount of time daily or weekly to play with your child in the outdoors so that his overall learning abilities are enhanced!
  • Games that grab a child’s attention are always good. When they are interested, their focus remains and they learn new things easily simple because they are not bored. Games that have instruction and rules develop that personality pocket of the child too. For young kids in our day care we always use loads of colours, shapes, music and movement to engage the children into play.
  • Children have the basic nature of exploring. They love to investigate and draw their own conclusions about things they find. Tactile play brings about an innate desire to learn in children and engages little explorers to unravel the mysteries of things they discover.

There are so many things a child can play with and learn and explore. The nest time you see your child fuss over a piece of play-dough for hours, know that he is working his brain in more ways that you may think. Let him play!

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