How to Help Kids Succeed After Preschool Graduation in Sugarland

How to Help Kids Succeed After Preschool Graduation in Sugarland

Jul 26, 2016

Preschool in Sugarland is a whimsical journey filled with playful learning, new experiences, and fun pals. Activities for preschoolers at daycares in Sugarland, TX should help prepare the youngsters for their transition to the exciting world of kindergarten. This time can be bittersweet for parents and children since kindergarten is officially the first level of elementary school.

How do parents know if their child is prepared for kindergarten?

Many parents wonder if their child is thoroughly prepared for kindergarten and grade school.  This is unchartered territory, with a much different schedule, an unfamiliar teacher, and upperclassmen who might not be so nice. As your child leaves their comfortable daycare in Sugarland you might be unsure if he or she is equipped to tackle kindergarten. As you ponder your child’s preschool experience, consider the following checklist to ensure that your budding young student can handle this big step.

10 Things every child should know before entering kindergarten

  1. How to write their first and last name
  2. Know all of the letters that spell their first name
  3. Be able to count to 30
  4. Recognize and identify such basic shapes as a circle, rectangle, square, oval, triangle, star, and heart
  5. Know basic primary colors
  6. Identify numbers from 1-10 in any order
  7. Be skilled at rhyming words
  8. Be able to retell simple short stories
  9. Recognize upper and lower case letters
  10. Use fingersto touch items and count to ten

Also, here are 10 things your child should be able to do by the time he or she graduates from preschool:

  1. Be able to sit still for five to 10 minutes of story time
  2. Can clean up after themselves
  3. Use the bathroom independently and wash hands without being reminded
  4. Be able to adjust clothing after bathroom use without help
  5. Share items with other children
  6. Separate from parents without crying
  7. Listen and follow simple directions
  8. Solve peer conflicts without aggression
  9. Be able to remove sweaters, coats or jackets without assistance
  10. Answer basic questions about themselves

What can parents do to help children succeed?

Parents can help their children succeed well to the next level by being proactively involved in their learning development and progress.  If you noticed your child lacks one or more of the skills listed in this checklist, if possible, review the material on the drive to and from your preschool in Sugarland.

At home, come up with learning and memorization games, or choose books that focus on whichever topic is a struggle for your child. Consistent, daily exposure will enhance the learning process and make the information stay in your child’s mind. Offer a truckload of praise as he or she grasps a new skill and stay away from criticism. Negativity will only discourage your child and foster low self-esteem.

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