How to help your children write independent assessable pieces every day

How to help your children write independent assessable pieces every day

Feb 24, 2019

Communication largely decides the quality of life we will be able to live. Several business executives, former presidents, and even actors have been able to pen down their thoughts with finesses and articulation.

To begin with, it’s important to understand, writing is a skill and not just a gift. It is not necessary for everyone to be gifted. With enough practice and feedback, most of the people can take their writing to an impeccable level. This is exactly the kind of practice and feedback which is provided at Memorial Montessori.

Do you want your child to have great, independent writing skills? Then this guide will help you out:

What are the demands that we place on children when we ask them to write independently?

Usually, when we as parents ask children to write independently, we simply ask them to not copy from a reference point. While this may satisfy some principle of plagiarism, it does not induce original thinking, which is essential for independent writing.

In order to write independently, children have to have original thoughts and experiences. These thoughts and experiences would come only when they are allowed to express in an uninhibited environment and are provided with constructive feedback. The goal is to create an environment that promotes and rewards independent critical thinking.

The Power English: Writing approach

Once the ideas have been generated, the next phase is the communication of ideas. For this phase, language plays a critical role. Here is where great writers are made. Getting original ideas is one part of the equation. The other important part is to be articulately put forth the ideas in a fluid, uninhibited manner.

A new approach to teaching and assessing writing

The very core principles of Montessori teaching, which produces successful business thinkers like Jeff Bezos and Larry Page, revolves around creating a conducive environment where children can find their own original form and ideas for interpreting things around them and for expressing themselves.

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