How to help your toddler make friends?

How to help your toddler make friends?

Jul 16, 2019

Since toddlers are not very good with their communication skills, they need someone who will make them understand the art of making friends. They are in parallel-play mode until they are two and their language skills are not developed. They do not talk even to children of their own age, although they play with them.

A mother can help her child build friendships with other toddlers with the help of following tips and also by taking the help of Memorial Montessori:

Start slow- You can set up play dates for your child with other toddlers and make them interact while playing. When a kid is exposed to other kids and stays in such an environment where there are other toddlers, he/she starts becoming comfortable there and slowly starts interacting. Social events can be planned for them where initially, they are not required to spend more than 1-2 hours at most. These will be most helpful when your child is in a good mood and when the stomach is full.

Look high and low- Find out other tots who are somewhat similar to your child, with whom your child will be more comfortable easily. Generally, kids who live nearby, who see each other daily will be more likely to be friends with your child. The other kids that you are finding out will be best suited if their interests are the same as your child.

Get involved- The best way to make your child comfortable with other kids is to involve yourself in their games and play-dates. You need to be there for your child and teach him friendly manners of interaction.

Keep it fair- Take enough playing materials so that even if your child does not share them with his/her fellow, you can provide the other kids with those toys or things so that they can play easily and don’t fight over things.

Scale back expectations- Don’t force the tots to play or interact more than they are willing to. Just plant the seed and watch it blossom. Slowly, your child will be comfortable and will enjoy other’s company. Along with following the tips, you can take help from Memorial Montessori.

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