How to Improve Confidence of Your Toddlers?

How to Improve Confidence of Your Toddlers?

Jun 01, 2020

Confidence is undoubtedly a vital trait to possess as an adult. All successful icons that emerge on the world stage exude a high level of confidence. It has been concluded that belief in yourself and your abilities is critical for success.

It is a proven fact that an adult’s character is molded during childhood. The traits picked up during these early stages of development are hardened into an individual’s known personality over the years. It is a valuable investment to boost your child’s confidence in these early stages of development.

Means by Which Parents Boost Toddlers’ Confidence

Childcare experts in Sugar land advice you consider the following methods to boost your toddler’s confidence:

1. Be careful with your words

Do not use words that describe your toddlers’ weakness as something they are but rather how they feel. Consider a case whereby your 3-year-old son is scared of the dark. Avoid saying words like, “Craig is scared of the dark.” You should instead try phrases like, “It’s okay to feel scared sometimes. With time you will realize there is nothing to be afraid of.”

The latter shows that your child’s fear of the dark is only a momentary feeling that will pass away with time.

2.Compliment His/Her confidence

Recognize the progress your child makes towards being more confident every chance you get. It does not matter how minor it may be.

3. Don’t Be Overprotective

As a parent, it is your duty to ensure the safety of your child. However, you should put your child in new environments and opportunities that give him a chance to thrive.

4. Make Prior Preparations Before Exposing Them In New Environment

Prepare your child before you expose her to unfamiliar situations. Planning in advance helps create a mental picture in her mind, which makes it easier for her to blend into the new situation.

5. Avoid Comparison

The worst mistake you could ever make as a parent is comparing your child to another child. It does not matter if it is the toddler’s brother, cousin, sister, or playmate. You should instead point to what makes him different and the value it adds to his personality.

6. Be A Good Role Model

It is a proven fact that your child is more likely to emulate your actions compared to following your words. Be the example of what you are teaching him. If you want him to be kind, show kindness. The same way, if you want him to be confident, exude confidence.

7. Give Your Child Love And Attention

Making your child feel loved and give him/her your attention. This creates a sense of security in her, which contributes to building up his/her confidence.

Building your toddler’s confidence requires a lot of time and effort. This may not be possible for a working parent. In case you fall under this category, you may consider enrolling your toddler in one of the quality preschools in Sugar land, TX. These competent programs use development focused challenges to nurture your toddlers.

The teachers in these programs focus mainly on your child’s:

  • Emotional and social development
  • Language development
  • Physical development
  • Cognitive/thinking skills

Things to Look for When Choosing a High-Quality Preschool Program

  • Simple but interesting materials for children.
  • Open spaces that are safe both indoors and outdoors.
  • Separate areas to play.
  • Personal touches, such as family photos to help the child feel at home.
  • A diverse collection of books that create a reflection of your child’s language, family, and culture.
  • Safe child-sized furniture so that your child may have more independence.

A trusting relationship between you and the teachers in the preschool is vital to foster. This relationship helps you both (teachers and you as the parent) to support your toddler. The following aspects should be present in the relationship to achieve this:

  • Effective communication. As a parent, you should communicate your toddler’s progress at home to the teacher while she gives you feedback about the progress your child is making at school.
  • Respect. The teachers should appreciate the difference in culture and personality among the toddlers in the program.
  • Openness
  • Primary caregiving
  • Both parties should listen to one another. You should listen to the expert advice your toddler’s teacher gives about childcare. The teacher should as well listen to you to get a clear understanding of your expectations for your toddler.

If you consider enrolling your toddler in a high-quality preschool, Memorial Montessori School is an excellent place to start.

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