How to make Your Child Feel Better When he is Ill?

How to make Your Child Feel Better When he is Ill?

Jul 22, 2013

Children, especially of preschool age fall sick for several reasons. Getting a flu, sore throat or the common cold every now and then can be a bit overwhelming for both parents and children. There are some ways you can all feel better, even if for a while.

Whatever you do to calm yourself down daily, be it a run or yoga; do a bit more of it when your child is ill. You will need the extra patience to manage a cranky and ill kid at home. Remember that if you remain calm, your child will be calm too. Crank up the TLC meter to the max!

The biggest gift you can give your preschool child when he is sick is to give him your time and love. If both you and your partner are working, try to take days off alternately so a parent is home with the child.

Needless to say, a visit to the doctor may be necessary so you can get the right medications to get better soon. Ensure the medications are taken on time. In between medications, make sure you have a lot of rest time for your child and passive activities to fill the waking hours.

Find out what your child enjoys most in his free time. If he enjoys painting, get him a new kit as a surprise and he will spend hours on it without dwelling on the pain. Read his favourite books to him, watch some TV together and give him a foot massage to relieve body aches and pains.

If you have other children to attend to, divide your time accordingly. If they are old enough, explain to them that they need to make their sibling feel special through this illness period. Tell them they get bonus reward points for being good!

Happy Parenting!

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