Kids and Sports Safety

Kids and Sports Safety

Sep 27, 2017

Sports can be a great way for children to receive social, emotional and physical benefits. However, sports injuries can be a serious and traumatic experience for children of any ages. Fortunately, many sports injuries can be avoided with proper planning and safety so that our children can continue enjoying the sports they love. Here are some tips for ensuring your child isn’t injured unnecessarily while participating in sports or athletic activities.

Stretching & Warming Up

Before any practice or game, warming up properly is essential. Stretching can help to release muscle tension and prevent injury. Jogging or light activity can be a nice warm up before practice and games as well. Be sure to stretch all the major muscle groups.


To help avoid overuse or overheating injures, you should always take breaks during practice or games. If you notice any pain, illness, or injuries, immediately inform your couch and parents.

You should also always take one or two days off during the week from any sports.

Wearing Appropriate Gear

Sports gear is designed to protect you and should always be worn during practice and games and properly fitted to prevent injury. A dentist can provide you with a custom mouthguard to prevent dental injuries during athletic activities. Depending upon the sport, certain gear may be required/recommended. Be sure to look into the best equipment possible.

Remember to Hydrate

Dehydration and overheating are common injuries experienced during athletic activity. Be sure to learn the symptoms of dehydration/overheating. Always bring water to practice and games and be sure to stay hydrated by drinking water before, during and after participating.

Before participating in organized sports, it is important to receive a pre-participation physical exam. This will allow a doctor to determine if your child is healthy enough to be playing the particular sport and can provide any precautions to take if conditions are present.

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