Last-Minute Family Vacation Tips

Last-Minute Family Vacation Tips

Jul 26, 2017

With summer quickly coming to an end, a lot of families wish they took a summer family vacation. But, the good news is, it’s not too late! Memorial Montessori is here to save the day with our last minute family vacation tips!

  • Off-Season Incentives – Many popular winter destinations will offer incentives to attract customers during their off-season. Vacations to destinations such as the Caribbean islands or Ski Resorts offer giant discounts for families, some including free stays for children and even free meal packages. Some of these incentives may even include airfare! Make sure you do lots of research for these destinations to find the perfect family vacation.
  • Family-Friendly Hotel Packages – Does your family have a favorite hotel chain to stay at? During off-seasons, a lot of hotel chains will offer hotel packages for the whole family. These can include discounts for families, free meal credits and more! Amusement parks with on-site hotels can be another great place to check. Some include discounts on the entire package, entry to the park included.
  • Day Camps – Looking for some fun ideas that can keep the children occupied while you have some kid-free fun? Check into local day camps where you plan on visiting, this can provide your children with a fun-filled day without having to put together an itinerary aimed at pleasing the kids. While many of these camps offer summer-long programs, most of them have day rates perfect for an out-of-town visitor.
  • Skip the Wait – The last thing you want to deal with while trying to have a fun vacation is waiting in long lines. Before you set out on your travel, buy tickets to any attractions you plan on visiting. This will allow you to spend more time having fun and less time standing in line.

If your family is planning a last-minute summer vacation, be sure to utilize these tips to ensure your family has as much fun as possible while saving money!

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